An Organised Mother. A Myth or Talent?

 Is there such a thing as an organised mother ? Or is it a myth? I believe anyone can get organised if they put some sense into what is going on in their homes. What comes in and what goes out. To be aware of what you have. I call my home extremely functional, I have nothing instagram worthy, I find white furniture too mainstream and I find pinterest worthy decor just that, a picture for the gram or a mood board. Don't get me wrong I have those boards as well, the one with bohemian decor, the one with the minimalist decor. But I see no one with a functional home. I have that home, its all functional, to me all the jazz around getting things organised to become picture perfect is just mental. I like things organised and functional which does not include a circuit maker but a chalk pen and chalk board sticker on previously used jam jars.  

When I was growing up, I remember specifically one fine afternoon during lunch break in school, I happen upon my bench mate's bag and it was filthy, had wrappers in it, pencils in the bottom of the bag and some crumbs as well. I just asked her permission if I can clean her bag. Yes I was that particular friend! I took all the things out of her bag, gave it a quick shrug so all the wrappers and stuff fell out, put her pencils in her pencil case, the rubbish in the bin and the books in an orderly fashion. And gave it back to her. She knew me and is one of my best friends, she did not say a word just said thank you. 'Embarrassed' I thought. Another friend saw all this and said everyone should have an organised friend like you, so you can organize all our bags. Organised, hmmm is that a trait or an adjective? can one become organised by following Marie Kondo's advise or does one have to have this in them?

When I became a Mother, all this organizing stuff fell into place, I had to have a nappy basket at the ready where my twins were, so I could get them changed as fast as possible, without getting the other one neglected for minutes because I could not find the nappies or the nappy sack or the wipes. (functional) 

So here is my series of organizing tips and tricks or Mum Hacks if you want to say it which will make your home more functional and the plus side to that is you will feel more in control and organised of the mountains of stuff in your own home. 

1. Set a timer for 15 minutes at the end of the day to just put dishes in the rack from drying or put them in the dishwasher, wipe clean all the surfaces and the microwave with an all purpose spray or damp cloth. Buff away with a microfibre cloth. 

2. If you cook from scratch, put the chicken out from the freezer and let it thaw overnight on the kitchen counter in a bowl of water, that way you can make something from it the next day, while you are at it, just write down what you want to make on a post it note and put it on the fridge or a cupboard door for you to see the next morning. Hassle from what to cook for dinner? Gone ! 

3. If you exercise in the morning, put your clothes out, hang them up in the bathroom or behind your bedroom door so that you can just change into them the next day and you have no excuse to not exercise.

4. In my house we don't have a tumble drier so we dry our clothes on the clothes horse, they dry very unevenly so when anything dries, I don't wait for the other clothes to get done. I just start folding it and putting them away. Fold and put away as soon as the laundry dries out. Don't let it pile up.

5. Have one box of toys in the living room, so when your kids are done tell them to put all of it away at the end of the day, so no lego or small toys will be found at the end of your feet or worse your knee. Keeps your living room tidy too.

A kitchen cupboard

so are these acquired traits or just a desire to keep myself and my surroundings clean? I would put myself in the later category. I do love things clean and love them being functionally organised to suit me in whatever surroundings I am in. I am known begrudgingly by my husband that I make my bed and clean up after myself when we are in a hotel. It always irks him because he knows someone will come and clean up so what is the point of me cleaning. But all this cleaning and being organised makes me feel good inside and that is what we are looking for. That dose of dopamine on seeing a clean kitchen first thing in the morning.  

So I leave it upon you my dear reader, you decide whether an organised mother is a myth or a trait? 


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