Hey Everyone, 

My name is Shireen and welcome to my lifestyle blog Chasing Fajir. A blog where you will find easy recipes, beauty routines which have worked for me as a Mum of 3 girls, routines in general which promote productivity throughout your day, fitness (I walk over 10k steps in a day sometimes more) and the "girl talk". 

Being a Mum has been one of the biggest challenges I have had to face in my entire life but now that the kids are in school and don't require me as much, I decided on penning down my thoughts and my journey of motherhood and adulthood.

Before becoming a mother, I earned a bachelor's degree in Human Resources and dreamed of breaking the glass ceiling. All that changed once I got married and had kids straight away which as we all know a woman has a  nurturing quality in built, so I discarded everything to focus on the little beings who chose me to bring in this world. Back in 2018, I reckoned now that my kids are 8 and 1, they dont need me 24/7 so decided lets do what I have always wanted to do, I wanted to become a beauty therapist when I was a teenager so I registered myself on a 1 year course from City and Guilds and now I am a qualified level 2 Beauty Therapist and also earned my diploma in Asian Bridal Makeup. I love these fields and would be talking a lot about it. 

I wish to bring you value through my blog, in the areas of parenting, cooking, cleaning, organising your kitchen cupboard, organising your wardrobe, makeup and your mind. I do hope to add value to your life through my blog where I love to ramble, give you life hacks and bring you joy from my writings.

As to the question of why I chose the name 'Chasing Fajir' I am an early bird and I love waking up for Fajir prayers, those are the first prayers of the day. I wake up, pray, then read the Quran a little bit, then journal and sip my ginger tea whilst enjoying the bird songs in the morning.

Its the part of my day which translates into the whole working day if done right. I am always chasing that perfection through out the day, hence chasing fajir. 

I hope you like my blog, just a small disclaimer, all the opinions and thoughts here are mine. If I get paid to do some collaboration I will label it with an asterisk* or brand name or marked as an AD. If you are a company that would like to collaborate with me or you are an influencer who would like to get in touch then please email me on;

looking forward to hearing from you soon 

love and peace all x 

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